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Special Education Book for School Nurses

This is the first book written by School Nurses for School Nurses about the practical application of nursing in the Special Education Process. This comprehensive book  was published in July 2019.

copy and view this link:


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This Year’s Top Special Education for School Nurses

Experience the first ever live webinar   about the Special Education process.  Mrs. Belmonte-Mann will give you the tools to create professional health history summaries and write PLAAFPs. 

Do you need support in this area?

If so, this program is for you!

You will receive 1.5  CEUs for the following live webinars on Demand at your convenience.

"​School Nurses in the Special Education progress."

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Nursing Speaks Class

Nursing Speaks instructors are certified by the American Heart Association to teach HeartSaver CPR and First Aid, Healthcare Provider BLS, and ACLS. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information, while educating and preparing our students in the techniques required to provide life-saving CPR.

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